Saturday, 18 January 2014

Kids and fishing...what to do?

The last post ('hear the bugle?) finished with...

"To see the face of a twelve year-old Crabtree with a chub in his hands - now that would be something"

...and half an hour into the very next session, with the Leam three feet above normal level and a decent piece of flake floating four inches off bottom in an undercut bank, this happens:

And a few minutes before that, this:

The first was Parps' first ever chub, which he extracted for himself from a swim lined on the inside by reeds and overhung by a willow by applying steady pressure and giving no line. His first chub and it went 3-2-11

The second he was holding for me, 2-15-3

I'm sure my first ever chub was an ouncer!

Words fail



  1. brilliant absolutely fantastic!! your son must be immense at fishing, oh I am your son!!!!!!