Monday, 3 February 2014

Kids and Fishing. Part Two

"That tree is usually on the bank and next to it is a dished channel that all the fish will be in under these flood conditions".

...2 hours later...

"Shall we try somewhere else now?"

"Let's put everything we don't need in the car and just take a few bits down the field and we'll see if we can find any steady water to fish. That's where the fish'll be"

"Okay. Don't leave the pork pies in the car though!"

"Make sure you don't go over the waterproof bit of your boots in this marsh. When you're climbing the gate hotch along to end so that you can climb down on to dry land".

"The farmer's come down with a rope dad what would he need that for I wonder?"

"Hmm, not sure unless he's worried a sheep might've been washed in and he'll need to drag it out".

"This peg looks brilliant you can just imagine where the chub and perch will be like in Mr Crabtree, You know, when he has C's and P's on the water an' that. You can see the crease as well look!"

"You can, can't you? A great looking peg this. We'll definitely catch something here".

...1 hour later...

"I tell you what, let's go back to the car now. I don't think the water is still rising (it was) but I don't want to risk getting cut-off without waders".

"What would we do if it did get higher?"

"Just follow the higher ground with the sheep, see how they stay up there and they'll sleep up there too as normal. They never sleep low down. They might seem simple but they know where to sleep".

"That was quite an adventure today Parps!".

"Yeah I loved it. Even though we didn't catch anything, I'm not bothered about that. Don't you think the pastry makes pork pies? I love the pastry".

Next day, the canal, sense prevailed but no early start

It went like this...

"There see, a little imagination and the right way to tempt the fish and you've got a half pound perch to show for it and I haven't had a bite on bread. You'd win matches with that attitude, there used to be plenty of anglers who'd just sit there and wait rather than make things happen in matches".

"Did you used to fish in many matches when you were younger Dad?"

"Well not at your age, just one or two junior matches in the summer but when I was older, before you were born, it would be at least four matches a week in the summer. Open matches Saturday and Sunday with two or three evening matches in between"

"It must've taken a lot of time?"

"Yes, but that's what I wanted to do. It was more a case of how much it cost so you needed to put all your spare wages into it. Opens were £10 pools in those days with evening matches much less"

"So if there were ten people and they all paid ten pounds the winner got £100?"

"Well it's not quite that simple but yes thats the principle of it"

"When can I go in a match?"

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