Sunday, 15 February 2015

Kids and Fishing (Part 3). The Cup Winner

The Prize was Tiny
Two weekends ago Parps produced a tiny bullhead-shaped rabbit of out a River Leam-shaped hat.

I blanked

Today he beat our joint Leam p.b. Perch...his river river p.b. Every damned family record including The Old Duffers, 105 years of effort, with a fish that could comfortably have sneezed the bullhead through its nostrils while I watched from some forty yards away, my mouth agape like a chick awaiting a succulent grub, and dribble running down my jacket

"I've got another"

"Do you need any help?"

"No it's okay" "ooo my God, it's MASSIVE!!"

"Have you got it?"


He'd got it.

The only words I could muster, my eyes agog with the sight of a fish so monstrous from such a tiny trickle of water were, "You don't realise what you've just done"

My face must have conveyed the enormity of the event, let alone the enormity of this impressive predator, but I knew my words were totally inadequate. Sometimes it's best just to say nothing

The Prize was Huge.
An old warrior taken-out by a young soldier, all 2-7-13 of it 
We surmised they might even be around the same age. Thirteen. The distinguishing factors being that the Boy Wonder does not eat whole lobworms (very often) and the fish weighed more
Of the five footballers (this would have been Andy Carroll) we shared below, he had the biggest three for a combined weight of exactly five pounds. The second largest would also have been his Leam best at 1-11-13 had it not been the piscatorial bridesmaid


  1. A lovely prize shot there George. Well done to the young fellow!

    1. Ah thanks Sean, we thought we saw you across the field as we drove back through the village? No doubt we'll be hearing about it too?