Monday, 1 May 2017


May 1st, 2017. 

For F,F&F an early cast to add whatever points could be gleaned on Bloggers' Challenge opening day to the board...the new 'season'.

I had been sussing-out the local reservoir I covered last time up as stillwaters have always been a mystery to me and so have spent much of the period since the river season ended trying to get to grips with the venue.

I had fished the swim the day before without much success but with plenty of bait and so expected early bites on maggot feeder over the leftovers, which was key, as I had to leave around 10.15am to get to the races for a different kind of gamble.

First cast and a small tench of 1.12.0 got the score ticking along then this was immediately surpassed by a 3.4.5 example next chuck out.

Bites came regularly at first and the species total mounted. I was quite pleased with a rudd of 0.11.13 as the best I have seen there is only 1lb 1oz and soon after that a roach, below par, at 0.7.3 joined it.

Further feed went in but frankly I made complete Horlicks of it and sprayed it everywhere except where I was aiming, so it was not until the last two fish, a perch of 0.8.2 and a fifth tench of 3.7.0 that any further points were raised

Not the best of days for big fish although a nice early a.m. catch of 16lbs-odd in less than four hours' fishing but it's just nice to get started!

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